Dr Anjali Agrawal, Dr Ashutosh Paldiwal, Dr Vinit Warthe


Iliopsoas abscess (IPA) is rare in children but exceptional in neonates. A 14 days old neonate, presented  with diffuse rapidly progressive left groin swelling with restriction of  limb movements along with significantly raised leucocyte count, simulating septic arthritis. Ultrasound was also suggestive of septic arthritis. On further investigations, MRI revealed diagnosis of left iliopsoas muscle abscess. Ultrasound guided percutaneous aspiration was done. Intravenous systemic antibiotics were started. Neonate recovered well and discharged. To conclude, neonatal IPA is extremely rare entity and can easily be overlooked. High index of suspicion is required for its diagnosis in cases where a neonate presents with groin swelling, limited or painful movements of leg and fever. If early, aggressive and adequate treatment is not initiated, there is high risk of mortality or sequelae.


Iliopsoas abscess, Neonate, Septic arthritis.

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