Dr.Aishwarya Singh, Dr. Subhashree Das, Dr. Satya Mohapatra, Dr. Niranjan Sahu


Prostate cancer is most common malignancy in males in India. DRE and PSA are commonly used for clinical and biochemical evaluation of suspected patients. TRUS is the primary imaging modality for both benign and malignant disease.  In view of limitations of PSA, DRE and TRUS, MRI is the evolving modality. PIRADS refers to structured reporting scheme for evaluating prostate cancer. It is based on T2W and Diffusion weighted sequences along with Dynamic contrast enhanced scan which offers additional value for localisation of lesion. This study was done at a tertiary care centre in eastern India with total study population of 50 patients. Patients with DRE suspicious, negative TRUS guided biopsy and elevated PSA were included in the study. Most of the patients with PIRADS 4 and 5 came out to be proastatic adenocarcinoma showing high Gleason score in TRUS guided biopsy.


PIRADS,, Prostatic carcinoma, TRUS Biopsy, PSA, MpMRI

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