Dr. Prashant S Murarkar, Dr. Nayan A Ramteerthakar, Dr. Amit C Awale


Background- Lump in the breast has assumed increasing importance in recent years because of the increasing public awareness. The present study was undertaken with an aim to determine the incidence and the histopathological spectrum of various benign breast lesions at our institute.

Methods: A retrospective study was done in the department of pathology over a period of two years. Relevant clinical details obtained from requisition forms. Formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections were studied and analysed.

Result: Of the total 111 cases fibroadenoma (63.06%) was the commonest lesion followed by mammary hamartoma (7.20%) and inflammatory lesions(6.30%). Majority of the breast lesions are a heterogenous group of disorders ranging from inflammatory to benign tumors.

Conclusions: Fibroadenoma is the most common benign breast disease. Distinguishing these heterogenous forms by histopathological examination is crucial for diagnostic prediction.


Breast, Benign Breast Diseases, Fibroadenoma.

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