Dr. Rajesh Kishanrao Ambulgekar, Dr. Kundan Sen


Background: The knee joint is one of the major weights bearing joints in the lower extremity. An acute injury of the knee joint is the result of a single incident – such as a twist, fall, excessive force or direct blow from a solid object. Patient with acute knee injury may have associated injuries in the form of anterior cruciate ligament injury, posterior cruciate ligament injury, medial and lateral meniscus injury, medial and lateral collateral ligament injury.

Aims and Objectives: 1. To study various Ligamentous and Meniscal injuries in Acute Knee Injury. 2. To assess the epidemiology of various ligamentous injury in Acute Knee Injury.

Materials and Methods: A prospective study was done on 30 consenting patients with acute knee injury with-in 24 hours to 6 days of the initial trauma, closed trauma, mono-trauma cases, adult patients with age >10 years and cases in which MRI is contraindicated. Arthroscopy was done, the pathological structure was identified and further surgery was carried out accordingly.

Results: In the present study most common age group affected was 21-40 years (63.33% cases) and the mean age was 32.36+11.54 years. 70% were males and 30% were female. 03 cases (10.00%) presented with instability, 19 cases (63.33%) with pain and swelling, and 08 cases (26.66%) with pain, swelling and locking. 21 cases (70%)  were having anterior cruciate ligament injury, 2 cases (6.67%) had posterior cruciate ligament injury, 22 cases (73.33%) had medial meniscus injury, 6 cases (20%) had lateral meniscus injury, 2 cases (6.67%) with medial collateral ligament injury and 2 cases (6.67 %) were having lateral collateral ligament injury. 10 cases (33.33%) were having with anterior cruciate ligament tear, ACL sprain in 6 (26.67%) and avulsion in 3 cases (10%). We had three cases of ACL bony avulsion (10%) and one case of medial tibia plate injury (03.30%). OCD (osteochondral defect) was seen in one case.

Conclusion: In AKI, most commonly males of middle age group are affected. Most common affected ligament is ACL and medial meniscus. PCL and lateral meniscus are less commonly involved. Common associated injuries occur are ACL bony avulsion, medial tibia plate injury and osteochondral defect.


Acute Knee Injury, Arthroscopy, anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament injury, medial meniscus injury.

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